CB&T Annual Meeting Notes

Columbia Bath and Tennis held its annual meeting on April 21st at Columbia Public Library.  Some of the highlights included:

The hiring of a new pool manager, Joe Iorio.  Mr. Iorio is a former manager of Columbia Bath and Tennis and former coach of the Columbia Hurricanes Swim Team.  He is currently serving as a teacher and the Athletic Director at Columbia High School.  The Board is very pleased to announce his hiring.

The Board was pleased to report on the activity of the last pool season, including the establishment of a new website, earlier opening hours, shade providing awnings located in three areas on the pool deck, and a yearly commitment to survey the members to provide a better membership experience for all.

The Board said goodbye to longtime board members Bobbi Vogt and Monte Foster.  Both Bobbi and Monte served the pool in various capacities for nearly twenty years.  Monte served as the pool board President since 1999.  His contributions to CB&T have been invaluable.  Bobbi served as Board Secretary and served the Columbia Hurricanes Swim and Dive team for many years.  Her years of volunteer service to the pool are very appreciated.

The Board also said goodbye to longtime bookkeeper Nancy Foster.  Nancy has served as bookkeeper to CB&T for many years, as long as Monte has served the pool... Her service to CB&T has helped the pool stay afloat for a number of years, and she will be sorely missed.

The Board held elections and two members, Kelly Faulkner, and Kevin Beultemann were reelected, and two new members were elected to fill the vacancies left by Bobbi and Monte.  Bart Jones and Mike Feichtinger were elected.  The new President is Bart Jones, the Vice President is Kevin Bueltemann, Secretary is Debbie Row, and Treasurer is Kelly Faulkner.

The pool has hired a new bookkeeper.  Her name is Candy Hejna.  We are pleased to have her on and are looking forward to a great summer season.